Our business team is made up of former consultants with a background in strategy and technology consulting, supported by a strong team of experienced executives with extensive experience serving global clients and top technology companies.

Mirosław Trześniowski

Chief Executive Officer

Tomasz Trześniowski


Sławomir Uherek

Head of Sales

Marek Mikitiuk

Chairman of Supervisory Board


Our technical team is comprised of scientists and engineers with a background in astrophysics and electronics, used to tackle the most challenging scientific and industrial problems, from as distant as the study of electrical discharges in Mars atmosphere to as close to the Earth as the design and implementation of solutions for underground mining.

Dr Maciej Orman

Head of Technology Delivery

Dr hab. Cezary Worek

Chief Technology Officer

Dr hab. Andrzej Kułak

Chief Scientist

Dr Michał Dyrda

Chief Data Scientist

Krzysztof Ziętara

Chief Electronics Engineer


Our geophysical team is composed of experienced geophysicists and geologists with a high level of expertise in conducting and overseeing projects in construction, mining, and oil and gas.

Dr Zygmunt Trześniowski

Head of Geophysical Services

Dagmara Krawiec

Geophysics Manager

Dr Paweł Pietrzykowski

Lead Geologist