Mirosław Trześniowski

Chief Executive Officer

Mirek is Co-Founder and CEO of WIDMO, primarily responsible for client and investor relations. Prior to WIDMO Mirek was a strategy consultant at PwC Drone Powered Solutions and Management Trainee at KGHM – a global copper mining player. Mirosław holds a BSc in Applied Mathematics and MSc degree in Investment Management from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

Tomasz Trześniowski

Managing Director

Tomasz is responsible for design, strategy and daily operations. Passionate about various types of design, which interests he developed during his architectural studies as well as while working in strategy consulting. He is actively involved in entrepreneurial education.

Marek Mikitiuk

Chairman of Supervisory Board

Marek is a successful executive with combined 25 years of both industry and management consulting background, specialising in strategy articulation, business operating model design, inorganic growth and IPO readiness. As a partner at EY, he served such clients as Saudi Aramco and Qatar Petroleum and now leading EY’s Oil&Gas efforts in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia.


Our technical team is comprised of scientists and engineers with a background in astrophysics and electronics, used to tackle the most challenging scientific and industrial problems, from as distant as the study of electrical discharges in Mars atmosphere to as close to the earth as the design and implementation of solutions for underground mining.

Dr hab. Cezary Worek

Chief Technology Officer

Cezary has over 30 years of experience managing and working on various industrial R&D projects. Focused on electronic hardware development, RF circuits, embedded systems and specialized power supplies. In addition, he is an associate professor and the head of the laboratory involved in electromagnetic compatibility research at AGH University.

Dr hab. Andrzej Kułak

Chief Scientist

Andrzej’s fields of interest include radio-wave propagation in the extremely low-frequency range, Schumann resonances, high-frequency electronics, relativistic and radio astronomy. Received the PhD degree in relativistic astrophysics related to the detection of gravitational waves from AGH UST. Andrzej is an assistant professor at AGH University and is involved in the Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University.

Dr Michał Dyrda

Chief Data Scientist

Michal is responsible for the development of our analytical software, providing business decision-makers with data-driven insights. Over 15 years of experience in data science spans scientific projects like H.E.S.S and Cherenkov Telescope Array through the banking and FMCG industry. Michal obtained his PhD in astrophysics from Jagiellonian University and remains a cosmology enthusiast.

Krzysztof Ziętara

Chief Electronics Engineer

Krzysztof is responsible for hardware and embedded software development. His previous experience includes the international Cherenkov Telescope Array project, where he was the main engineer and team leader of the DigiCam project – a signal acquisition, triggering and data readout electronics for the digital Cherenkov camera based on silicon photomultipliers.


Dr Zygmunt Trześniowski

Head of Geophysical Services

During over 35 years of a successful career in geophysics, Zygmunt was the chief geophysicist at one of the Polish largest geophysical service companies leading seismic research projects for clients in Central Europe, Asia and North Africa. Later he joined Saudi Aramco – a global Oil&Gas leader – where he was involved in the exploration of the largest oil fields in the world. At WIDMO, he is responsible for professionalising geophysical services and implementing best practices. Zygmunt obtained a PhD in geophysics from AGH for his work on three-dimensional seismic.