The solution we have designed is based on Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar technology, which is currently the most advanced type of penetrating radar surpassing the capabilities of step-frequency radars.

This allows us to obtain very precise information from all frequencies while using very low transmission power. This not only results in an improved signal-to-noise ratio but also opens up wide opportunities for the utilization of spectral decomposition and the development of advanced analytical methods based on available large data sets.

Single-antenna setupNEW

All-in-one radar utilizing a single transmit-receive antenna, which can be integrated into arrays of multiple radars.

Dual-antennas setup

Our most tested system, offering the deepest penetration, making it ideal for the mining industry.

AIO single-antenna SGPR


Thanks to the significantly improved signal-to-noise ratio and continuous sweeping over a wide frequency range, SGPR allows for much deeper penetration while maintaining high resolution, compared to currently available pulse or SF CW ground-penetrating radars.

Pulse GPR (80MHz) vs SGPR (100-500MHz)

The data were processed by an external expert using commercially available geophysical processing software to ensure complete objectivity.

Left: Conventional pulse GPR with 80MHz antenna

Right: Single-antenna SGPR with IQ STD 60 (100-500MHz) exported to SegY


A wide range of antennas designed to address various subsurface and geological challenges.

Circular polarisation

Simultaneously, we collect data from X, Y, and circular XY polarization. This allows us to analyze the anisotropy of subsurface layers, observe linear objects, and perform analyses based on Stokes parameters or the depolarization ratio.



IQ BIG 120


BIG 180


100-700 MHz

Circular polarisation high-frequency antenna designed to deliver extremely high-resolution images for applications in construction and infrastructure. Ideal for surveying, mapping, and monitoring the integrity of infrastructure.


50-500 MHz

Circular polarisation low-frequency antenna provide a deeper penetration than IQ STD 60, making them a versatile tool for a wide range of applications in the mining and near-surface geophysics. Currently being designed to replace the existing IQ BIG 100.


35-400 MHz

Our lowest frequency antennas are specifically designed for deep probing in open-pit mining, making them ideal for projects requiring complementing the geological model or as a complementary tool for other geophysical methods such as seismic.


We are developing a comprehensive range of mechanics dedicated to various working conditions and environments to ensure efficient and safe measurement operations.


The simplest and most cost-effective, polyethylene platform is the basic and most versatile form for conducting measurements and exploration in the field.

Road platformCOMING SOON

Implementation of durable wheeled platforms that can be towed behind both cars and ATVs guarantees efficient measurements and the safety of the equipment on roads and hardened surfaces.

Off-road platformCOMING SOON

The use of radars with BIG 180 antenna in open-pit mining, especially in Chile, requires the application of highly robust field platforms that can be attached to various off-road vehicles to ensure full compliance with mining operators.


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Sławomir Uherek

Head of Sales